Our Services

Our nationally recognized breast center has expanded into a spacious new suite that features:

  • Board Certified Breast Radiologists
  • Separate breast cancer screening suite and diagnostic patient areas
  • Digital mammography for screening and diagnosis featuring MammoPad® (A mammo-pad is a foam cushion that covers the sometimes cold, hard surface of mammography units to provide you with more comfort and a better experience.)
  • Biopsy services, including ultrasound guided core biopsy, stereotactic core needle biopsy and ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration to examine breast tissue more closely
  • MRI Guided Biopsy
  • Breast MRI
  • Ultrasound Guided Cyst Aspiration
  • MRI of the Breast with 3D post-processing
  • Breast care coordinators to help facilitate future appointments with us and or referrals for surgical consult when necessary
  • Bone DEXA scans

The Breast Center at ImageCare Care Coordinator

Sometimes a little handholding is just what you need. The Breast Center at ImageCare is pleased to provide our patients with access to our unique care coordinator. Breast cancer is a frightening diagnosis, but there are tremendous resources and specialists available to you for treatment and care. While The Breast Center at ImageCare doesn't treat breast cancer, we know of many reputable and trusted specialists in the area that can provide you with treatment options. Our Care Coordinator will walk you through the process to find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable.

ImageCare Medical Imaging

The Breast Center at ImageCare is part of ImageCare Medical Imaging, the area's premier medical imaging group with subspecialized radiologists and several convenient locations. A complete list of services can be viewed on ImageCare's website.

Click here to view ImageCare's website.

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Dr. Chopra at desk with breast images on computer monitors.

The waiting room of Breast Center at Imagecare.